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Guitar Lessons in Calabasas

Do you have a life-of-the party kid, who is social, friendly, and outgoing? Or do you have a child who is more introspective, creative, and thoughtful? For both of these personality types, the guitar is a fantastic instrument fit – its versatility lends itself well to future rock-stars and aspiring singer-songwriters alike, and it’s a lot of fun to play! Ideal for students who are at least 6.5 years old, the guitar is well-suited for creative expression, whether your child wants to learn to play solo or jam with some friends in a garage band! The guitar is also a great choice for students who write their own songs or who want to learn how to accompany themselves while they sing.

Not sure whether to start your lessons off with an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar? We can work with you on either type of guitar – the technique is identical. When first starting your guitar lessons in Calabasas, though, we actually recommend studying on an electric guitar. With a slimmer neck and with strings that are easier for smaller hands to press down and maneuver around on, the electric guitar offers all of the same learning opportunities as an acoustic guitar but in a more easily accessible way. Plus, you can’t help but feel like a rock star when you hear that sound playing through your amp! Once our younger students have taken lessons for a little while and have built up more strength in their fingers and wrists, rocking out on an acoustic guitar becomes much easier and much more enjoyable for them!

We offer guitar lessons in Calabasas to students of all ages. While we specialize in lessons for beginners, we offer intermediate and advanced level lessons as well. Whether you’re starting from scratch or wanting to take your existing skills to the next level; we can custom design a guitar lessons program to help you achieve your goals!

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"I'm so happy that we found The Schuler Music Studio! We worked with a couple of teachers before this, and it used to be like pulling teeth, trying to get my daughter to practice the piano during the week. Ever since we enrolled her in lessons with you, it's been a complete 180. I love listening to her play, and I love even more that she goes to the piano on her own without me having to tell her to. I'm telling everybody about it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Eleonor R., Sherman Oaks

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