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Private Singing lessons in Los Angeles

Interested in taking singing lessons in Los Angeles? Our team of accomplished voice teachers has taught thousands of singing lessons to students of all ages, abilities, and skill levels. We’ll have you singing from the mountaintops in no time!

Learn proper technique, healthy singing habits, and build your repertoire with songs that stretch and grow your singing abilities! When you take in home singing lessons in Los Angeles with us, we will help build your confidence and skills in a warm and supportive environment.

We offer voice lessons to children and adults, and to students at all levels, beginner through advanced.

No matter where you are in your musical experience, our voice teachers in LA can help you successfully reach your goals!

Qualified, Personable Voice Teachers

Our voice teachers come from the most prestigious music schools, have performed all over the world, and have extensive experience teaching singing lessons. As professional voice teachers, they know how to structure their singing lessons and successfully approach teaching voice so that all of our students can sing with confidence, too!

Convenient Music Lessons, Personalized to Fit Your Schedule

Skip Los Angeles traffic! Our voice teachers will come to your house and teach your singing lessons there. We work closely with you on the scheduling to make sure that your singing lessons fit into your schedule. What’s better than learning having professional singing lessons delivered right to your door?

Showcase Your Progress

With two exciting live performance opportunities every year, your child will have the opportunity to shine and show off the progress they’ve been making in their singing lessons. Participating in our recitals is not required, but we strongly encourage it. By keeping the vibe low-pressure, we can place the focus on celebrating your child’s growth and achievement in their singing lessons journey!

Outstanding Customer Service

We offer our singing lessons around the clock, 7 days a week. But more importantly, we place tremendous value on our voice students and our singing lessons families! We do our best to make sure your needs are met, and our goal is to exceed your expectations so that you’re happy with your experience at our studio and so that your child continues to flourish in their singing lessons.

The Best Singing Lessons in Los Angeles

Our voice teachers in Los Angeles can help you help you build power, range and vocal control ! We focus on making singing lessons exciting and fun and on making the technique accessible to all of our students. We want our voice students to learn to sing the music they love because that’s what keeps them excited about playing and motivated to keep going with their singing lessons! We offer in home singing lessons in Los Angeles to children and adults in all genres of music and styles of singing. While we specialize in beginner singing lessons and specifically in singing lessons for kids, we customize our singing lessons to your individual needs so that we can help you reach your dreams.

Whether you’re a beginner or are already playing at an advanced level, our awesome faculty of voice teachers can help take you to the next level! Our singing lessons in Los Angeles are largely centered around contemporary, popular, and musical theater music, although we can absolutely focus on a more classical approach. Just let us know your goals for your singing lessons!

We Believe in . . .

Loving Music.

Opening Up the World of Music to Our Students.

A Bright, Academic Future.

“The whole rest of the day after the recital and this morning when she was getting ready for school, my daughter was singing. It was a great experience for her to perform in front of a crowd. She overcame her nervousness and did great!” – From a parent

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