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Private Cello Lessons in Los Angeles

Looking to take cello lessons in Los Angeles? We’re here for you – and we’ll come to your house for your cello lessons, anywhere in the city!

Our Los Angeles based cello teachers have taught thousands of cello lessons to students of all ages, abilities, and skill levels. We want to teach you to play, too! We’ll lead you the entire way to make sure your cello lessons in Los Angeles are a success!

Finding the right cello teacher in Los Angeles is crucial – with the right teacher, your experience will be positive, fun, and rewarding! When you take cello lessons with us, we will help build your confidence and skills in a warm, positive and encouraging environment; our cello teachers break the form and technique down into small, easily attainable steps so that our students learn to play correctly and beautifully.

We offer cello lessons in Los Angeles to children and adults, and to students at all playing levels, beginner through advanced. Our cello teachers can help you successfully achieve your goals!

Friendly, Expert Cello Teachers

Our teachers come from prestigious music schools, have toured and performed all over the world, and have extensive experience. Our cello lessons in Los Angeles are structured so that students can quickly grasp playing, and start enjoying the warm, velvety sounds this beautiful instrument creates!

Convenient Cello Lessons in Los Angeles

Skip the traffic! We bring our cello lessons directly to your home so that you don’t have to set foot outside of your front door.We make sure to work with you closely to personalize the schedule of your lessons to fit your availability. Hassle-free cello lessons in your home – how convenient is that?

Showcase Your Progress

With two dynamic, fun live performance opportunities every year, your child will have the chance to play and show off the progress they’ve been making in their cello lessons. Participating in our recitals is not required, but it’s strongly encouraged. By keeping our recital vibe low-pressure, we place the focus on celebrating where your child is at in their cello lessons journey and all that they’re achieving!

Outstanding Customer Service

We offer our cello lessons in Los Angeles 7 days a week, around the clock. But more importantly, we place tremendous value on our cello students and the working relationship we have with our cello lessons families! We do our best to make sure your needs are met, and our goal is to exceed your expectations so that you’re happy with your experience at our studio and so that your child continues to flourish in their cello lessons with us.

Our Cello Lessons in Los Angeles

How Old Do you have to be to take cello lessons?

We offer cello lessons to children 8 years old and up in all genres of music and styles of playing.

What levels do you teach?

While we specialize in beginner cello lessons and specifically in cello lessons for kids, we customize our cello lessons to your individual needs so that we can help you reach your dreams. Whether you’re a beginner or are already playing at an advanced level, our awesome faculty of cello teachers can help take you to the next level!

What methods do you use?

Our Cello lessons in Los Angeles balance the Suzuki method with note-reading right away so that our students get the best of both approaches.

What styles of music do you learn in cello lessons?

Want more pop cello or a more serious classical approach? Just let us know your goals for your cello lessons! Our cello teachers will customize a cello lessons program that suits you and your goals!

We Believe in . . .

Loving Music.

Opening Up the World of Music to Our Students.

A Bright, Academic Future.

“Thank you for bringing the gift of music into our house every week. We appreciate you!” - From A Parent

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