Guitar, Bass, Ukulele Teacher

Bruce has been in the music education business for 10 years, engaging students of all ages in the fun and beauty of music. With his hands-on and flexible approach, Bruce customizes his lessons to the needs and desires of each student. As a result, the lessons he teaches are unique and personalized!

Bruce continually pursues his knowledge of music and believes in sharing those skills with his students with a smile. 

His educational background is in classical guitar, music production, and recording. Having studied at The Songwriting School of Los Angeles, he constantly works on adding to his repertoire and technical skills.

In addition to teaching, Bruce is an active performing guitarist. His favorite gigs are the ones he plays here in Los Angeles! Bruce plays in a very popular cover band that has garnered a sizable following in Los Angeles and Ventura County. His band boasts an ever-expanding repertoire of over 400 songs spanning the last 60 years! Together they regularly plays venues, festivals, and events all over Southern California. When he was 18 years old, Bruce went on his first European tour. That opportunity afforded him the chance to play guitar for large crowds in over 7 countries!

Bruce creates his own music and has collaborated and recorded on songs that have made serious moves on the Spotify pop charts. So, be it day or night, he is always out somewhere: teaching music, making music, and sharing it with others!

I love The Schuler Music Studio. In all my experience teaching music, I have never had a more enjoyable and fulfilling time, and Mary Ruth is an incredibly compassionate, focused and driven leader, whose earnest desire to spread knowledge of music couldn't be more apparent.

Being in the music business, I've worked and dealt with so many intense personalities, but Mary Ruth and The Schuler Music Studio have been nothing but positive, emphasizing the core of what we do and making sure that the kids receive nothing but a fun and educational experience. I look forward to teaching each and every student of mine, and seeing their improvement and eagerness to grow gives me such a profound sense of purpose. I can't thank The Schuler Music Studio enough for this.

The recitals are well-organized and such a cool opportunity to let the kids embrace their inner rock star! It's truly inspiring to see so much talent within such youth. If you are looking to get your child involved in the wild, wonderful world of music, look no further.

-Teacher Bruce

Bruce's Quick Facts

Hometown: I grew up in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California!

Musical Influences: For me, everything influences me! Otis Redding, Cheap Trick, Guns N’ Roses, Bruno Mars, Def Leppard, Django Reinhardt, The Who, Michael Jackson, The Beach Boys, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, X Japan, Prince, The Eagles, Tom Petty…

Instruments You Teach and Play: I play guitar, bass, and ukulele, and I teach lessons in all of those. Out of all of those, though, teaching guitar lessons is my absolute favorite!

Favorite Non-Musical Hobby, Past-Time, or Activity: In my free time, I love drawing, reading comic books, hiking, and sleeping!

Favorite Food: Sushi.

Fun/Random Fact About You: I’m left-handed! So, when you take guitar lessons with me, it’s like looking in a mirror. 😛 It makes learning guitar so much easier since you can copy me exactly as you see me playing!

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