Mary Ruth

Piano, Voice, Ukulele, Violin, Viola, Early Childhood Music Teacher

Known for her patience and modern approach, Mary Ruth is a highly sought after piano, voice, ukulele and strings teacher in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. Incorporating pop music and modern technology into her lessons, Mary Ruth makes sure that her students not only receive a solid musical education but also have fun while they learn.

A classically trained pianist herself, Mary Ruth began teaching private music lessons while still a student at UCLA, ultimately earning her Bachelors of Arts degree there. After honing her skills as a private music teacher for several years, Mary Ruth opened The Schuler Music Studio in 2009. Word spread fast, and within 8 months her enrollment exceeded capacity. She began hiring other piano, guitar, voice, bass, drums, ukulele, violin, viola and cello teachers who shared her musical philosophy, and she is continually growing and expanding her music studio.

Mary Ruth has been playing the piano for over 25 years and has more than 15 years of experience as a private music teacher. She has performed all over the world at venues large and small and has made a handful of television appearances as a guest musician. She additionally writes music for film and tv and for independent recording artists. As a thought leader on private music instruction and piano pedagogy, her academic writings have been published in several well-regarded resources for piano teachers across North America. Her greatest joy as a teacher is that “lightbulb” moment that happens when her students grab hold of the new concepts she’s teaching them, and she loves inspiring their creativity!

Mary Ruth resides in Los Angeles. She has a labradoodle, Daphne, who thinks she’s in charge of the show; and a long-haired cat, Soren, who tolerates the presence of his canine sister…most of the time.

"I'm so happy that we found The Schuler Music Studio! We worked with a couple of teachers before this, and it used to be like pulling teeth, trying to get my daughter to practice the piano during the week. Ever since we enrolled her in lessons with you, it's been a complete 180. I love listening to her play, and I love even more that she goes to the piano on her own without me having to tell her to. I'm telling everybody about it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Eleonor R., Sherman Oaks

Mary Ruth's Quick Facts:

Hometown: Woodland Hills, in the San Fernando Valley. I’m like totally a Valley girl!
Musical influences: Definitely the Golden Oldies. I taught myself how to harmonize by singing along with MoTown’s background singers, and I found my love for pop and rock music with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.
Instruments you teach and play: Piano, voice, ukulele, violin, and viola.
Favorite non-musical hobby, past-time or activity: Cooking at the gourmet level. The bigger the challenge and the more complicated the recipe, the more I love it. My favorite dish so far that I’ve made is butternut squash tacos. So delicious!
Favorite food: I’m always a sucker for a really good almond milk latte… Heaven in a cup. 🙂
Fun/random fact about you: I love learning exotic languages! I took a year of Finnish when I was at UCLA – just for fun. Sadly, all I remember of it now is “Hei! Mita kuuluu? Hyvaa, kiitos,” which means, “Hi! How are you? Good, thanks!” But if I ever get to go back to Helsinki again, I will be able to have a very pleasant conversation with the people there!

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