Piano, Voice, Guitar, Ukulele, Violin, Cello Teacher

Molly is a Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and private piano, voice, ukulele, guitar, violin, and cello teacher. Growing up in a family full of professional musicians and music teachers, Molly positively radiates her passion for music. In fact, she dedicated her life to pursuing it! Molly’s mother and some of her other relatives work as professional strings players and private music teachers all over California. Because of this, her family always prioritized music education when she was a kid.

Always hungry to learn, Molly took in the wide array of genres they exposed her to and fed her desire for knowledge by learning more and more instruments. Currently working on her degree in jazz voice, she also writes music, records, and performs with her band. She’s had opportunities to perform around the country and has even played at several music festivals!

Molly began assisting her mother as a private music lessons teacher at the age of 12. This experience excited her and inspired her to become a teacher! Now, she takes any opportunity to share her knowledge and passion for music. Since then, she has accumulated years of experience teaching groups and as well as private piano, voice, guitar, violin, cello and songwriting lessons. She works with students of all ages, but she has a special place in her heart for working with kids. Molly tailors her lessons to the learning style and goals of each individual student. Because of this, her students discover their potential and fall in love with their instrument. She also emphasizes creativity and collaboration with her students. As a result, her lessons a lot of fun! Molly hopes to inspire a lifelong love of music and ultimately to share her passion for music with others.

"I'm so happy that we found The Schuler Music Studio! We worked with a couple of teachers before this, and it used to be like pulling teeth, trying to get my daughter to practice the piano during the week. Ever since we enrolled her in lessons with you, it's been a complete 180. I love listening to her play, and I love even more that she goes to the piano on her own without me having to tell her to. I'm telling everybody about it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Eleonor R., Sherman Oaks

Molly's Quick Facts

Hometown: I was born and grew up in Berkeley, California!

Musical influences: My musical influences are constantly changing and growing. Currently, my influences include Etta James, Stevie Wonder, Amy Winehouse, and Aretha Franklin… I also love The Beatles, Nai Palm and Frank Ocean – just to name a few!

Instruments you teach and play: I play and teach singing, piano, guitar, ukulele, violin and cello lessons. Out of all of those, voice lessons are definitely my favorite instrument to teach! 🙂

Favorite non-musical hobby, past-time or activity: When I’m not working on music, I really enjoy trail running and hiking, thrifting, and spending time at the beach. I also really enjoy expressing myself creatively through all things visual arts!

Favorite food: By far, my favorites are Mexican and Brazilian cuisine!

Fun/random fact about you: I was born on my mom’s birthday, and her midwife shared our same birthday and my first name! It was one big day of coincidences.

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